RentHackr FAQ

What do the different markers on the map mean?

Large green markers are actionable - they represent buildings that have at least one apartment where a renter said that they are definitely moving when their ease ends. The price shown on the marker is the rental cost of the lowest priced apartment in the building. This is meant to represent the starting price of the building. 

Small green markers represent buildings with apartments where renters have said that they’re staying, don’t know, or that they’ll move if they find a better place. Buildings with historical apartments (apartments who’ve leases have passed their end date) are also shown as small green markers. 

Blue markers (large and small) represent buildings where you are connected to a renter through your social network. At least one renter in the building is your Facebook friend, or friend of friend. 

What if I don’t rent right now?

You can share for limited access to RentHackr. Just find the "Tweet for access" or the share on Facebook button on the registration page, share RentHackr with your friends, and you’re good! You will be able to browse RentHackr fully. If you want to contact another user, you need add your apartment, or contact us for an exception. We learn from the exceptions, and we’re happy to hear from you. 

How do I contact other renters? (Messaging Beta)

Beta: When viewing an apartment, click "Put me in touch" to connect with the renter of that apartment. When you confirm the message, RentHackr will email the renter for you. When you make an inquiry, you reveal your name to the recipient, and ask them to respond to you to kick off a conversation. For now, messaging will work over the email you have registered with your RentHackr account. 

How do I disable my account?

To disable your account, simply go to My RentHackr > My Account, and then click Delete Account button on the bottom right of the page. If you’re logged in, this link should take you there directly